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Solid Win Today
by posted 04/18/2021

Great Game Team!

The boys played hard, had a lot of enthusiasm and looked out for each other.  You can't ask for much more at this age.  Certainly an opportunity to improve on positioning, ground balls and clears, so we'll hit those areas during practice this week.

If you are away for vacation this week, enjoy.  See the rest of you Tuesday night at Payson.  If something changes we'll let you know.

Have a great Sunday,

U13 Coaches


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Tonight's Practice
by posted 04/15/2021

Good Afternoon Everyone,

We are monitoring the weather, but at the moment we still plan on having practice at Payson as originally scheduled.  There is the potential we may move to the High School Turf, but we will let everyone know once we have made a final deciscion. 

Stay Tuned!






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posted 04/11/2021

Eagerness for those that caught my typo :( 

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Nice Job!
by posted 04/11/2021

Great First Game Navy!

All of the coaches were impressed with the egearness of the new players and leadership of the senior players.  Once we got the cobwebs off we were able to move the ball around and take meaningful shots.  Defense came out tough and adapted well to the long sticks.  The boys showed their grit and did not back down, but more importantly the comradery everyone displayed as a team and for each other is what we noticed the most.

Plenty to work on this week at practice, rest up!


Navy Coaches

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Welcome U13 Navy
by posted 04/09/2021

Hello Players and Parents,


Welcome to the 2021 Boys Youth Lacrosse Season!  

Practices are off to a good start and we are looking forward to a great season. 


First Game:

Navy (away) vs KP @ 10:30


A little bit about myself for those that don’t know me:


I work in Bedford, MA (Commute is awful) and lead a Worldwide Service Team for a medical device company.  Typically, I’m on a plane in another part of the world, but with the current COVID-19 outbreak most of my travel has been postponed.  Fortunately, this allows me to be around more often.


I’ve been involved with lacrosse for over 25 years as a Player and coach.


Why do I coach:

I believe coaching is one of the most beautiful, powerful, and influential positions a person can ever have. By becoming a coach, I have chosen to work with young athletes. I have chosen to guide them through the trials and tribulations of learning two beautiful games: sport and life, not only by making them better athletes, but better people.  I never take this responsibility lightly.


Coaching philosophy:

Playing to win but with a focus on player development; attempting to develop future players.


Expectations of coaches:

Set a good example; show effective leadership as well as good sportsmanship

Treat each player fairly, consistently, and honestly

Run organized practices so that players have lots of opportunities for improvement

Supportive of all players efforts

Work to ensure success of the Foxboro Lacrosse Program



Expectations of individual players:

Commitment to team

Adherence to ALL League/District behavioral policies; discipline in school = discipline at lacrosse

Grades = C or higher in ALL classes

Work to get better; ask coaches for help if you aren’t finding success!

Role models – in and OUT of school

Respect - teammates, coaches, parents, opponents, officials

Notify coaches if absent prior to practice (email or text)


Expectations of parents:

Work to promote a positive environment that is conducive to the development of the student athlete. Be supportive of ALL the players.

Help your child understand that they are part of a team; lacrosse is not an individual sport.

Attend games and cheer team positively

Refrain from coaching your child during games.

Respect the officials – They are doing their best.

Respect the coaches, and insist your student athlete do the same – You will not agree with every decision that we make but we are doing it based on what we believe to be in the best interest of the program and your child


As a follow up from Bill’s previous email:

We'll be moving to TeamSnap for schedule and healthchecks.  We're in the process of migrating the schedules over manually, but by the weekend look out for invite. 


In the meantime, schedule is up on FoxboroLacrosse.com under each team.

Note that each squad has 13 players, so we'll be moving a few players around week to week to help with subs and bench strength.


Thank you,


Mike Ferraro

Zach Bohlen

Mike Ellsworth

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Zac Bohlen 
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